aerial view of new Messick's farm equipment property, excavated by CH+N
  • Size

    29 Acres

  • Contract Value

    $4.4 Million

  • Completion

    April 2021

  • Duration

    1.5 Years

Problem Solved

This job had an aggressive schedule, a lot of rock, and we started in the dead of winter.

We were able to crush the rock to be utilized on site for access through the winter, and we lime-stabilized the dirt fill to allow us to continue forward and achieve compaction and deliver the site on time.

  • Having outgrown our old location, constructing our new facility was extremely important. Despite many weather setbacks and covid-related shortages, CH+N Site delivered on their commitment to deliver our building pad by our agreed-upon date. This commitment was vital for vertical construction to start as scheduled, and we were very pleased they were able to honor their promise to us.

    Jay Gainer

    General Manager

    Front of Messick's farm equipment building, prepared by CH+N Site

Scope of Work

Completed the sitework for construction of the new Messick’s Equipment headquarters and warehouse. This project required us to move approximately 97,00 cubic yards of dirt, as well as installation of 6,200 linear feet of storm, sewer, and water utilities. There was also 35,000 square yards of paving required for the site.

During construction, we excavated roughly 39,000 cubic yards of rock. Most of this rock was able to be crushed on-site and repurposed back into the project.

Customer Contact: Matt Eshelman |

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