• Size

    35 Acres

  • Contract Value


  • Completion

    June 2024

  • Duration

    8 Months

Problem Solved

This job had an aggressive schedule requiring a building pad to be ready for vertical construction in the least amount of time possible.

Our team worked Smarter+Harder+Safe+Together in order to maximize every opportunity to advance a head of the schedule. Thus meeting the customers schedule.

Scope of Work

Completed the sitework for construction of a new Warehouse outside of Lancaster, PA. This project required us to move approximately 126,000 cubic yards of dirt, as well as installation of 4,000 linear feet of storm, sewer, and water utilities. Once paving is completed there will have been 42,000 square yards of asphalt placed.

Customer Contact: Matt Eshelman | meshelman@chnsite.com

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