• Size

    31 Acres

  • Contract Value


  • Completion

    May 2023

  • Duration

    9 Months

Problem Solved

This particular phase of Arcona required us to relocate over 1/2 mile of a 16″ water transmission line owned by the utility company.

We coordinated all work and our plan with the water authority to determine the best course of action to avoid any major interruptions to the water services and the project schedule.

  • We appreciate CH+N Site’s openness to embrace the values that are important to us. It’s great to be able to work with someone we can count on.

    Anthony Faranda-Dietrich

    VP- Neighborhood Development

Scope of Work

The Arcona Great American Neighborhood is a large, multi-phase housing and light-commercial community located in Mechanicsburg, PA. Our customer, Charter Homes, counted on us to deliver this challenging project to meet the buying demands of the local market. Our scope has included well over one linear mile of storm & sewer piping, as well as over two miles of waterline.

We were able to assist in value-engineering for our customer by crushing and repurposing all the underground and on-site rock. All while ensuring the preservation of over 80 acres of natural green space. This project is still on-going, as Charter Homes continues to count on us to deliver on our promise time and time again.

Customer Contact: Matt Eshelman | meshelman@chnsite.com

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