• Size

    26 Acres

  • Contract Value


  • Completion

    Fall 2024

  • Duration

    14 Months

Problem Solved

Our team needed to complete the site infrastructure for 8 buildings, with vertical construction starting prior to our completion.

Understanding the urgency and impact our work had on the overall site, we were able to sequence the work we were performing in order to provide the conditions needed to start vertical construction.

Scope of Work

Completed the site infrastructure for an 8 building- 216 unit luxury apartment neighborhood in Lancaster, PA. This project required us to move approximately 62,000 cubic yards of dirt, build 6 underground infiltration beds, extensive segmented vegetative retaining walls, and walking trails.

Aside from the site infrastructure, there is an $800,000 package for various roadway work and improvements. This customer values our Promise and chooses to work with us time and time again.

Customer Contact: Matt Eshelman | meshelman@chnsite.com

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