• Size

    16 Acres

  • Contract Value

    $2.5 Million

  • Completion

    April 2024

  • Duration

    8 Months

Problem Solved

The jobsite had two large underground petroleum transmission lines running through multiple phases of the project. This posed a safety hazard and constructability challenge for the team when working around the lines.

Our team worked in conjunction with the owner, the petroleum company, and each other to clearly communicate and schedule the plan to safely install the needed utility crossings.

Scope of Work

Completed the sitework for the future construction of a new phase for a residential neighborhood in Middletown, PA. This project required us to move approximately 60,000 cubic yards of dirt, as well as the installation of approximately 2,000 linear feet of storm, sewer, and water line.

Our team was able to accomplish all of this by working S+H+S Together.

Customer Contact: Matt Eshelman | meshelman@chnsite.com

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