• Size

    45 Acres

  • Contract Value


  • Completion

    December 2023

  • Duration

    16 Months

Problem Solved

This job had started late with an aggressive schedule and Site Plans that were changing daily.

Our team was able to execute a Plan together allowing us to deliver the site ahead of schedule. By communicating often & early with the owner we were able to work together to minimize any potential Rework related to plan changes. This partnership also allowed us to follow our well laid out Plan and communicate what we needed by when, ultimately avoiding any delays.

  • CH+N Site is our preferred partner for site work.

    Anthony Faranda-Dietrich

    VP Neighborhood Development

Scope of Work

Completed the sitework for the future construction of a new residential neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA. This project required us to move approximately 268,720 cubic yards of dirt, as well as installation of 12,400 linear feet of storm, 1 mile of sewer, 7,300 feet of water main, and 13,000 feet of electrical conduit.

Our team was able to accomplish all of this and deliver world class results to our customer 2 months ahead of schedule by working S+H+S Together.

Customer Contact: Matt Eshelman | meshelman@chnsite.com

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