• Size

    20 Acres

  • Contract Value


  • Completion

    September 2023

  • Duration

    12 Months

Problem Solved

An existing 3-Phase high-voltage power line was running underground across the jobsite. CH+N Site was ready to work however, the power company would not be able to decommission the line for 6-8 months which would typically have led to a delay in the start and completion of the project.

Our team created and implemented a Plan. By changing the sequence of activities from where we started, how and where we moved dirt, and installed the utilities we were able to safely work around the power lines until they were able to be removed. Leading to a successful project delivery.

Scope of Work

Completion of the sitework for the future construction of new residential housing in Millersville, PA. This project required us to move approximately 45,000 cubic yards of dirt, as well as installation of 3,500 linear feet of storm, 3,300 feet of sanitary sewer, 2,700 feet of water line, and 9,200 square yards of asphalt paving.

The team executed & delivered our promise throughout each and every stage of the project, reinforcing why our past, current, and future customers can “COUNT ON US”

Customer Contact: Matt Eshelman | meshelman@chnsite.com

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